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What is Breather doing to help its Office Space customers prioritize health and safety in the office environment?


There’s no doubt that changes are coming, both short term and long term. At Breather we’re rolling out a return to work plan for customers and are offering solutions to help them prioritize their employees health and safety. We think about it along three categories:

  • Office Layout & Design: We’re creating plans for our customers to increase space between employees at workstations and in communal spaces.

  • Fixtures & Equipment: We're adding options for protective fixtures and equipment such as easy-to-clean, acrylic desk dividers, and hand-sanitizing stations that can be installed throughout the space. 

  • Cleaning: We’ve developed enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols based on CDC guidelines and have added deep disinfecting packages in case of a reported case of a positive test for COVID-19 by a customer.  We’ve also worked with our cleaning provider to add capacity for additional cleanings and/or deep cleans to your cleaning schedule. The options include:
    • Additional standard cleanings
    • Deep cleanings
    • Electrostatic cleans using e-spray technology


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