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How can I help keep my Breather Meeting Space clean?


There are small but impactful ways that you can help us keep Breather spaces clean during your reservation:

  • Keeping yourself healthy. We’re reminding all Breather customers to wear a mask and continue to frequently wash your hands especially when you arrive at a Breather space, after using the bathroom, and if you blow your nose or cough. Please be sure to throw away any tissues, beverage cups, or plastic cutlery you may have used in the bins provided before you leave.

  • Staying home if you’re sick. If you’re feeling sick or have cold and flu-like symptoms, please stay home and cancel or change your reservation to a different date. Learn more about Breather’s flexible cancellation policy here.

  • Follow the latest local health & safety guidelines including but not limited to social distancing when using your Breather space. For example, some cities may have different guidelines around indoor gatherings and use of PPE. 

  • Respecting the reservation schedule. As always, please follow your scheduled reservation time and don’t stay past your booking. This will allow for thorough cleanings to happen as scheduled.

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