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What is Breather’s Response to COVID-19?

We are committed to cleaning and sanitizing our spaces comprehensively to keep our customers safe. Our meeting spaces are carefully cleaned in between all hourly reservations and daily on multi-day reservations.Our office spaces are also cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis based on customer preferences.

We have enhanced our regular cleaning policies for both our meeting and office spaces based on CDC guidelines. We are using disinfecting products that are EPA-approved and giving special attention to frequently touched surfaces, such as tables, countertops, doorknobs, sink faucets, TVs, dry-erase markers, and IT equipment. We are also removing small, unnecessary items, like pencils, to decrease unneeded risks for customers.

Should we be notified that a customer who used a Breather space has tested positive for the Coronavirus, we have developed a disinfection protocol that will be immediately implemented.

We are taking these steps to protect our customers and minimize the spread of COVID-19. This is an evolving situation, and these recommendations may change. We will continue to monitor the World Health Organization (WHO), CDC, and other relevant organizations in countries where Breather operates for updates and guidance.

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