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Deleting a Method of Payment

You can delete a method of payment from your Account Settings, which you can access via the My Account drop-down menu located in the top right-hand corner of our site. (If you're using our app, you can navigate to your Account Settings by selecting the person icon located at the bottom of the screen.) Please note that any deleted cards will no longer be available for you to pay with, although records of previous transactions will remain in our system. 

All changes to your methods of payment can be made from the Payments screen.


Once on the Payments screen, you should see any credit cards that you've added to your account.

If the card is eligible to be deleted, there will be a red x in the top right-hand corner of the card's listing. You just need to click that to remove the card from your account!

Cards are eligible for deletion only if they are not selected as your default card, they are not selected to pay for a future reservation, and there are no pending charges from a past reservation attached to the card. If the card is listed as the default card on your account, if you've selected them as the method of payment for an upcoming reservation, or if you have pending charges attached to the card, you won't be able to delete the card from your account. 

If you need to replace your method of payment, but have selected it as the payment option for an upcoming or past reservation, you should replace the card instead of deleting it. Just click Replace on the card listing and enter your updated payment information there!

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