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Alcohol Policy

Our Alcohol Policy

Breather is committed to providing spaces that are safe for use by our Members and their guests, and for operation by Breather’s employees. While we recognize that Members may occasionally consume alcohol while using a Breather Space, this activity should be done in accordance with our Terms of Service, Building Rules established by the landlord, and all applicable laws. To this end, Breather has developed a policy designed to clarify Member obligations with respect to the consumption of alcohol in Breather Spaces (the "Policy").

Application of the Policy

This Policy applies to all Members and their guests. This policy may be modified or updated by Breather at any time, in its sole determination.

Principles of the Policy

  • Pursuant to the Terms of Service, Members shall not abuse alcohol in a Breather Space, as such activity may be defined by Breather in its sole determination.

  • Members will notify Breather in advance of any alcohol to be consumed during the Member’s use of the Breather Space.

  • Members shall not make alcohol available for sale in a Breather Space.

  • Members shall not serve alcohol to minors in Breather Space.

  • Members shall not consume alcohol in a building’s common spaces (e.g. lobby, hallways, bathrooms, etc.).

  • Members shall discontinue the service or consumption of alcohol immediately upon notification from Breather, or a representative of the Building Manager.

  • If alcohol is served during a Member’s use of Breather Space, empty containers must be disposed of as instructed by a Breather Representative.

  • Members shall maintain all permits required for service of alcohol (if any), and shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Enforcement of the Policy

Violation (or potential violation) of the Principles above may result in immediate enforcement action by Breather, including, without limitation, cancelation of a reservation, or revocation of membership. Breather reserves the right to:

  • (i) charge the payment method designated in your Account for the reasonable cost of repair and/or cleaning, as well as an additional service fee(s); and

  • (ii) submit enforcement actions to building security and/or local authorities.


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