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How does Breather price its spaces?

We’ve kept our pricing simple. Here’s how it works:

  • Each space has an hourly rate, which is listed on our website. If you book between one hour and eight hours, you’ll be charged by the hour at the rate shown online. This hourly rate may vary, depending on the date.

  • At eight hours, the price of the booking is capped. This means that you won’t be charged for hours added to the booking consecutively on the same day—an eight-hour booking will cost the same as a twelve-hour booking. (This doesn't apply to the next day!)

  • The daily rate for a space will cost the same as eight hours at the hourly rate and gets you the space from the time the space opens until the time the space closes. 

  • Rates for month-long bookings vary! If you’re interested in a longer booking, please reach out to our Customer Care team.

What if I need to extend my reservation?

If you extend your reservation before the end of your reservation, that time will be included in your reservation and the cap will apply. In other words, if you extend your eight-hour reservation for one hour before the end of your reservation, you won’t be charged for the extra time.

However, if you attempt to extend your reservation after your reservation has ended, it will be registered as a second reservation and you’ll be charged for it at the space’s hourly rate. If you remain in the space after your reservation without extending, you will also be charged for that time.

Additionally, if you’d like to book outside of the opening hours of a building, you’ll be charged for any off-hours at the hourly rate for that space.

What if the space I want to reserve for the day is open for less than 8 hours?

Don't worry! You’ll be charged the standard hourly rate for the length of your reservation.



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