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Concur Integration

Keep track of your expenses with Concur.

In order to help you keep track of your reservations, we've made it possible for you to link your Breather account to your team's Concur account! Once these accounts are linked, a copy of your receipt will be sent to your Concur account after every reservation.

There are two ways to link your account: you can link them from your Breather account, or you can link them from the Concur website.


To link them from your Breather account:

  1. Sign into your Breather account on the Breather website.

  2. Go to your Account Settings, which can be found under the My Account tab on the top right-hand side.

  3. On the right side of the page, after Payment Settings, you can find our Integrations. Concur Technologies will be listed there.

  4. Click Link Account to link your Breather Account and your Concur account.

  5. This will take you to the Concur website, where you'll need to sign in to finish authorizing the process. (You'll have to agree to share certain information with Concur—after all, we'll be sending your receipts to them!)

  6. You're all set! Your Breather account and Concur account are now linked.


To link them from your Concur account:

  1. Log in to your Concur account.

  2. Find the Breather app by searching the App Center on the Concur website, or click here to be taken directly to our listing.

  3. Click the Connect button.

  4. Click I Agree in order to give Breather permission to share your information with Concur. 

  5. If you're not already logged into your Breather account, it will prompt you to log in. Log into Breather with your email, Google, Facebook or Twitter log-in.

  6. You're all set! Your Breather account and Concur account are now linked.

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