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Additional Fees & Charges

Why did I receive an additional fee or charge on my invoice?

In accordance with our Terms of Service (under “'Representations and Warranties”'), fees or additional charges will be listed on your invoice as they apply. Fees or charges could include a service fee, damage fee, overstay charge, or a requested add-on.

Service Fee

What is the service fee for?

The service fee helps us maintain our spaces — ensuring your space is always pre-cleaned and equipped with amenities before your reservation — and allows us to provide services like 24/7 support.

How is the service fee calculated?

The service fee is calculated based on the price of the space reservation after any discounts or credits have been applied, but before any add-ons or additional charges have been added to the booking.

What happens to the fee if I cancel my booking?

If you cancel your reservation more than 24 hours before your reservation time begins, then the service fee (along with all other charges such as rental, add-ons, etc.), will not be charged to your credit card.

If you cancel a reservation less than 24 hours before your reservation time begins, then the full amount of your booking (including the service fee, rental charges, add-ons, etc.) will be charged to your credit card.

What happens to the fee if I modify my reservation?

If you modify an upcoming reservation in a manner that impacts the total cost (for example, shortening/lengthening the reservation, changing the date, or changing locations), the service fee will adjust to reflect your changes.

Where can I find the service fee listed on my booking?

The fee will be outlined in the booking flow before you confirm your reservation, as well as on your booking receipt. 

Damage Fee

Breather reserves the right to charge the payment method designated in your account for the reasonable cost of such repair and/or cleaning should there be excessive "wear and tear" to our space and/or furniture.

Overstay Charge

If you stay in the room past your reservation, it’s likely that you’ll run into one of our Operations Associates who is assigned to maintain your space. Upon their arrival, they will grant you a 5-minute grace period to gather your things and exit the space, but any time beyond that will be added to your bill.

Requested Add-Ons

Charges will apply for requested add-ons, such as extra chairs, tech equipment, productivity materials, furniture rearrangement, or additional cleaning.


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