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Additional Fees

Why did I receive an additional fee on my invoice?

Any applicable fees or additional charges will appear on your invoice. Additional charges can be the result of a requested add-on (such as a projector, chairs, or early access request), a service fee (if the room required additional cleaning or furniture rearrangement), or even an overstay charge. 

Service Fee

In accordance with our Terms of Service (under 'Representations and Warranties'), Breather reserves the right to charge the payment method designated in your account for the reasonable cost of such repair and/or cleaning should there be excessive "wear and tear" to our space and/or furniture.

Overstay Charge

If you stay in the room, it’s likely you’ll run into one of our Operations Associates who is assigned to your space. They will allow you a 5 minute grace period to gather your things, but any time beyond that will be added to your bill. 


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