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Free Credits

What is a free credit?

Free credit can be redeemed by means of coupons, referral codes (intended for new members) and automatically applied discount codes (such as those found in Marketing emails.) These credits can only be used towards Breather reservations and can only be applied in your country. 

When do credits get applied?

Credits are applied towards a reservation at the moment it ends.
We always deduct available credits first, prior to charging the remaining balance to the credit card on file. In order to benefit from the use of credits, these must exist in your account (redeemed) prior to placing a booking on our platform. 

How will credits appear on my invoice?

If your Breather credits have been used towards a reservation, it will appear near the bottom of the invoice, under the cost section. The invoice will display the total cost of the reservation, along with the cost of the reservation after the credits have been deducted.


For more information on understanding your invoice, click here.

For our refund and credit policy, click here.

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