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The Archetypes of Spaces

We have created 7 design archetypes. Discover the space that's best for you:

01. Nook

The Nook is the perfect small space to get away from the chaos of the city or your open office. It’s designed for working alone and provides the space to really focus on a particular project. A perfect place for phone calls, writing, coding, or finding that inspiration in a new setting.

02. Study

Finding the right space for one-on-one meetings and collaborations can be tough but the Study is designed with two people in mind. Whether it’s a working session with a colleague or an appointment with a therapist, this space is all about working as two.

03. Hub

The Hub is the ultimate space for group or team collaboration. Designed to enable round-table discussion, these spaces have large tables, lots of seating and are set up for video calls so even outside collaborators can join the conversation.

04. Suite

Sometimes what you actually need is two spaces in one. That’s where the Suite comes in. These rooms, with separated meeting and lounge spaces, allow teams to break out and work without distraction before regrouping to share ideas.

05. Workshop

The Workshop is probably the most versatile of all the spaces. It’s designed to support fundamental team tasks like brainstorming. The lounge section is important in this design because it allows for the casual feel that drives creativity and innovation.

06. Agora

When you’re presenting or teaching, you’re looking for a different type of space: the Agora. These spaces are big, open, and most importantly, they allow for everyone to see the presenter or speaker.

07. Retreat

The Retreat is the ideal day-long off-site space. They’re larger spaces that offer different areas in one location, even outdoor patios. This design helps with team building and fostering deeper connections between members.

 For more information on our archetypes, click here to watch the video.

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