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Multi-day Booking Policy

Booking multiple days

Members may request to book a space for multiple days. When the availability of the space is confirmed, multiple reservations will be made in the member's account for the requested dates. In order to be eligible for multi-day bookings, the space needs to be reserved for the entirety of the building's operating hours, according to the hours listed on our website.

Leaving items overnight

When booking a Breather for multiple days, members will have the opportunity to leave their items in the space overnight. Please note, neither Breather nor the building are liable for items left in the space overnight

Open and close times

All Breather spaces have unique open and close times based on the building. Breather spaces cannot be used outside of operating hours unless it is approved by an account manager. Please be sure to include this in your initial request.


Should you desire to include weekends in your multi-day booking, please be sure to select a space that is open over the weekend.

If your desired space is not open on the weekend, these days will be excluded from your reservation and you will not have access to the space. You will not be charged for any day that the space is closed.

Cancelling or shortening a multi-day booking

Should you wish to cancel your booking, you can do so up to two hours before the beginning of the reservation on the first day. However, since all days of a multi-day booking are counted as a single reservation, after the beginning of the reservation on the first day it will not be possible to cancel the booking.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to edit multi-day bookings. If you find that you need to alter your reservation, you may have to cancel and re-book the space. If you'd like assistance with that, please feel free to reach out to the Customer Care team!


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