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Understanding your Invoice

You have received an invoice via email. 

Shortly after the end of your reservation, you will receive a detailed invoice via email. It will be sent to the email address provided on your account. 

Haven't received your invoice? Be sure to check your spam folder and verify the email address attached to your Breather account. If everything seems in order and there is still no sign of your invoice, please call, live chat, or email us at 

Hourly rate

Every space has its own hourly rate and is dynamically priced. Certain periods of the day will be more expensive, due to traffic and demand. 

Credits and discounts

Credits will automatically apply to your reservation, as long as they were added to your account before or during the booking process. If a promo code was redeemed during your reservation, it will not apply towards your current stay.  

Any applicable discounts existing on your account will also appear on your invoice. 

Additional charges

Any applicable fees or additional charges will appear on your invoice. Additional charges can be the result of a requested rentable amenity or in-room service (such as a projector, chairs or concierge service,) a service fee (room required additional cleaning or furniture rearrangement) or even an overstay charge. 


Taxes are applicable in Canadian cities and London (UK). You will see the taxes and registration numbers appear on your invoice, in your Subtotal section. 


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