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Setting up a Presentation

Connecting to an Apple TV:

1. Make sure your device is connected to the correct wifi. All the details to connect will be on the poster in the space, as well as in the app once your reservation is set to begin. Having some issues connecting to the wifi? Consult the following article.

2. Using the remotes found in the space, turn on the flatscreen TV and the Apple TV.

3. Scroll through the different inputs using the TV remote to locate the correct input.

4. Turn the AirPlay on your device on. Not sure how? Click here for Apple's walkthrough.

5. Select the correct AirPlay channel that matches the device.

Please note: Connecting to an Apple TV requires an Apple Products device. 

Troubleshooting tricks:

1. Ensure that all of the cables are properly plugged into the Apple TV box, and to the back on the TV.

2. Try switching the different inputs on the TV using the remote.

3. Having trouble locating the remotes? They will be in a beaker on the table, or on a surface close to the TV.


Setting up with an HDMI cable:

1. Ensure the device you're trying to connect is equipped with an HDMI port.

2. Locate the HDMI cable, it should be tucked behind the TV, or wrapped in a coil near the flatscreen.

3. Plug the HDMI cable to the back of the TV. Depending on which port you use, that will be the input you'll need to use on the TV.

4. Once you have the cable properly plugged into your computer to the TV, select 'Input' on the TV remote.


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