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Outside food and beverages are permitted in most of our spaces, unless otherwise indicated in the Need to Know section of the location's page on our site. However, please note that Breather spaces located inside hotels generally don't permit catering.

As long as the space you’ve chosen doesn’t prohibit catering, go ahead and get your meeting catered! You can leave anything that needs to be disposed of in the space at the end of your booking with no additional cleaning fees. However, should there be anything that the caterer needs to retrieve (such as coffee urns, trays, or dishes), please arrange for them to pick those items up before the end of your reservation, as we can’t guarantee access to the space afterwards!

If you'd like to confirm that catering is permitted, or ask our team to recommend a caterer, please reach out to our Customer Care team with the details of your reservation—we're always happy to help. You can also view our Catering Policy here.

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