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Accessing your Space

Getting into your Breather

To point yourself in the right direction, consult your Reservation Details. There you will find both the building, and Breather access information.

Under the tab 'How to Get In', you will find instructions on how to navigate within the building to locate your space, as well as the intercom code for the building (if applicable.)

Building code:

Certain locations are equipped with an intercom system, which requires an unlock code. This code will be revealed on all your devices (website or on the app) 30 minutes before the start time of your reservation.



Room code:

This code will be revealed at the start time of your reservation. If there’s no booking directly before you, and the room isn’t being cleaned, you can access the space up to 15 minutes before your reservation begins. If the space isn't available, the timer will continue and the code will be revealed at the set time of your booking.

To get into your space, enter the code provided onto the keypad and wait for the green light before turning the handle. 


Having trouble with your codes?

First, verify the address, suite and room number. We often have Breathers at the similar addresses, or even in the same building, so make sure you're at the right one! 

Try entering the provided code a second time on the keypad lock. If that doesn’t work, give us a call, live chat or email us at We'll get you in!


Do you have guests that need access?

Click here to find out more information.


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