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How does Breather control access and security?

We take the safety of our network very seriously. 

We require all new members to provide personal identification and to have a valid credit card on file. They are subject to various layers of validation throughout the booking process. 

User Profile Verification

New members must provide their full name, along with their phone number and email address in order to create an account. To validate their phone number, we send a verification code to their mobile device. To finalize the creation of the account, they must enter the code they received via SMS.

Credit Card Pre-Authorization

We pre-authorize new credit cards for the amount of $250 (£200 for our members based in the UK) to establish their validity for incidentals. This policy is to ensure the quality of our service, and the peace of mind of those who use it. 

Unique Access Codes for Every Reservation

Access to each Breather space is individually configured with building-specific security protocols, operating hours, and booking requirements customized by Breather. We can also build custom solutions to integrate with existing building systems. Spaces are outfitted with electronic keypad locks that require unique access codes for every entry. A unique access code is generated for every reservation, which is revealed to the member 15 minutes prior to the start of the booking. 

Fraud Detection and Trust Score

We use Sift Science, the industry's leading fraud detection software, which captures data in real time from over 6,000 sites and apps globally to fight fraud on their network.

Built by our team of data scientists, HoneyPot is our internal user trust scoring system. A “trust score” for each member is continuously re-verified and updated, determining account status and access level across the Breather network.

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