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Inviting Guests to a Reservation

On this page, you will find:

Sending an invitation via email
Sharing your reservation link


Inviting Guests

To invite guests, select the desired reservation from your Upcoming Reservations list. You can invite guests to your reservation by email - or by sharing your reservation link.

Sending an invitation via email

In the 'Invite Guest By Email' field, add your guests email address and click 'send'. They will receive an email with the details of your reservation, that will be bring them to the following landing page (pictured below.)

Sharing your reservation link

Select 'Copy Reservation Link'. By sharing that trusty link with your potential guests, they will be prompted with the reservation details.

By selecting 'Confirm I'm Going', your guest will be prompted to sign up with us if they do not have a Breather account. With a Breather account, your guest will be able to see the reservation in their account, get building directions, and unlock the Breather door. Only the creator of the reservation will be able to edit/cancel the reservation.


For more information on how to access your space, click here. 


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