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Inviting Guests to a Reservation

Inviting Guests

You'll be prompted to invite guests while booking your space. However, if you're not ready to add all of your guests while booking, you can always add them later! 

To add guests to an upcoming reservation, select the desired reservation from your Upcoming Reservations. From there, you can invite guests by email, or you can invite guests by sharing your reservation link. You'll find both options on the right-hand side of the page when you scroll down a bit.


Sending an invitation via email

You can add your guests' email addresses in the Enter Email Addresses field and click Send to invite your guests by email. This email includes information about the upcoming reservation, as well as a link to a page with more details. 

Sharing your reservation link

Next to the field where the link is listed, select Copy to copy and share the link. Your guests will be able to access a page with detailed information about your upcoming reservation.

What can guests see?

Whether you invite guests by email, or share your reservation link, your guests will be able to access a page with information about the upcoming reservation, including building directions and the access code for your space when it becomes available. From this page, they can also add the booking to their Breather account if they have one. (Don't worry! Only the creator of the reservation will be able to edit or cancel the reservation. Your guests can see information about the upcoming reservation, but can't alter it.)



For more information on how to access your space, click here. 


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