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Editing Your Reservation

Need to edit an upcoming reservation?

You can edit or cancel reservations from the Reservations page. If you're browsing online, you can find it under the My Account drop-down menu, and if you're using the app, you can view upcoming reservations by clicking on the icon in the bottom left-hand corner that looks like a calendar. 

In This Article:

  1. Editing Hourly Reservations
  2. Editing Daily Reservations
  3. Extending Your Current (Hourly) Reservation

Editing Hourly Reservations

To edit a reservation, click on the reservation that you'd like to edit. This will take you to a page listing the details of your upcoming reservation.

Gif demonstrating where to click to edit your reservation on the web.

From this page, you can edit your reservation by clicking on Edit, which you'll find above About This Space.

Gif demonstrating how to edit the time or date of your reservation on the web.

Depending on the availability of the space, you will be able to change the date, start or end time of your reservation. If space is unavailable, you'll be notified and you won't be able to book during that time.

If you change your mind about editing your reservation, you can always click Keep My Original Time! If you're happy with your changes, click Confirm to finalize them.

Remember, changing your reservation may change the overall price! You can take a look at the overall cost of your reservation after confirming by scrolling down to see the summary of your charges—that's the section right underneath the Who's Attending This Meeting? section. If you decide that you preferred your original booking, you can edit the booking again in order to reverse your changes.

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Editing Daily Reservations

Unfortunately, if the upcoming reservation in question is a daily booking, it won't be possible to edit the booking directly. If you find that you need to alter your reservation, you may have to cancel and re-book the space. If you'd like assistance with that, please feel free to reach out to the Customer Care team!

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Extending Your Current (Hourly) Reservation

Once your reservation is set to begin, you will no longer have the ability to shorten the booking due to our cancellation policy. However, if you'd like to extend your reservation, you can simply click on your current reservation and tap on the Extend button. Depending on the availability of the space, you'll be able to extend by 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes.


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