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Team Offsite

Out-of-office meetings can really help bring your best ideas into the light. Offsites improve employees' understanding of a company's overall strategy and positioning. Creating an opportunity for your team to understand the big picture allows them to make more valuable contributions.

A space ideal for an Offsite features a spacious workspace and lounge, maybe even break-out rooms. They are also typically equipped with flat screens, whiteboards or other means to present ideas. 

Team Meeting

Jump start your meeting marathon with a change of scenery. Your team will feel energized by this alternative to your regular meeting room at the office. Utilize the whiteboard with the provided markers or lay out your plans on the conference table. You'll be glad you booked a Breather in your calendar.


Be the center of attention. These spaces are designed to allow for teaching, demonstrations and presentations. Amenities can include some audio-visual equipment on site. 

Client Meeting

Ready to impress? We know the importance of first impressions. Client meeting spaces are found within premium buildings and ensure a quiet and confidential environment. 


How does this make you feel? Designed for one-on-ones, this meeting space is fully private and will provide you with an approachable environment to encourage conversation. Some spaces can even offer an adjacent waiting area as a possible amenity. 


A different kind of focus. We encourage your creative projects. Capture your subjects in spaces that feature great views, lots of natural light or interesting architectural features. You are bound to find a backdrop for your vision among these spaces. 

Please note that in the event that Photoshoot would be crossed out, this means that this space cannot accommodate photoshoots of any kind. 

Private Phone Call

Taking a private phone conversation to the hallway is never a good call. We provide spaces with good cell phone reception and privacy, allowing you to stay on the line for as long as you need. 

Individual Work

Your to-do list is growing but your productivity is shrinking. Leave your coworkers behind and find your center in a space that is equipped with a small table or desk. This kind of space gives you the chance to escape the cubicle or a noisy open-concept office. 

Small Event

Business get together, product demo or launch. These primarily stand-alone spaces are suitable for guests to come in and out, with no risk of losing their way or bothering other tenants. These types of spaces truly offer the possibility of setting up shop for something different. 
Please keep in mind that all events must respect the maximum capacity of a space. This is for everyone's comfort and safety. 


Teaching takes on many forms, thanks to our versatile spaces. These spaces are designed to allow for teaching, demonstrations and presentations. Amenities can include some audio-visual equipment on site and a lot of square footage, allowing for different configurations.
Please send us a an email at should you have a configuration request - you should never be moving furniture on your own! 


You may notice a use case crossed out. This means we do no suggest or do not allow the use of this space for that type of use. 

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