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Creating your First Reservation

How do I book?

You can either select the time you want from the dropdown menus, or click and drag the block of time onto the availability timeline. If the date, start time and duration look just right, click on the green 'Book' button.

Still not sure?

With Breather's flexible cancellation policy, you may cancel or change a reservation up until 2 hours before it begins – absolutely free of charge. 

How do I pay?

No monthly membership - no commitment, ever.

Breather will charge the total cost of your stay directly to your credit or direct debit card at the shortly after end of your reservation. You can upload a method of payment through your Payment Settings. You will receive an invoice via email after your reservation has ended.

We pre-authorize new credit cards for the amount of $250 to ensure their validity for incidentals. This will only happen the first time you make a reservation with that card.

Though Breather releases the funds immediately, it usually takes the bank 3-5 business days to process the refund. Keep in mind that all refunds are subject to your bank's individual processing times and vary greatly depending on your selected method of payment.

This policy is to ensure the quality of our service and insure the peace of mind of those who use it.

Have a promotional or discount code?

Lucky you! You can apply it directly to your account, however, we still require a credit card on file. For more information on applying promo codes, click here.

Thinking of a longer stay? 

Click here for more information.


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