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Getting to Know Your Space

You've found the perfect space, now what?

Once you've selected a space, view the photos and other related information, such as amenities, to learn more about what you can expect from this chosen location. 



More details  

Seating available in the space. The maximum designates the amount of people allowed in a space at one time, for your comfort and safety. 

Opening Hours

Our spaces are open, at the earliest, at 6:00 AM and close, at the latest, at 10:00 PM. Every building has different hours of operation, which will affect the opening hours of our spaces. Be sure to consult individual listings for availability. 

Size & Layout
View the square footage and, if available, a floor plan of the space.

All the features this space has to offer.

Additional in-room services

When booking at least 24 hours in advance, you have the option of adding on additional services (upon availability) during the checkout flow.


About this space
Quick description on the layout and neighbourhood of the listing.

Need to Know
Important details we think you should know before booking. 


Ready to book? Let's get started.

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