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Let's get started on finding your space!

If you want to see our spaces, the search page is the right place to start.

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  1. Navigating to the Search Page
  2. Workspace or Office Space?
  3. Search Filters
  4. Using the Time Selector 
  5. Viewing the Map

Navigating to the Search Page

You can navigate to the search page from the home page in a few different ways.

Gif showing how to navigate to the search page—instructions below.

  • You can click on either Hourly or Daily Workspace or Monthly Office Space.
  • If you hover over Workspaces or Office Spaces at the top of the page, drop-down menus will appear, allowing you to pick a city for your search right away. (Don't worry, you can always change cities from the search page!)

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Workspace or Office Space?

When we refer to workspace versus office space, what we're talking about is both term length and the overall experience. People looking to book a shorter amount of time, like a couple of hours or a couple of days, have needs that are distinct from people who are looking for a new office for their team. This is why we have separate search pages for these two types of bookings!

If you're looking to book a few hours, or a few days, you should search our workspaces. You can create your own booking for a workspace right on the website or app when you find one that suits you. 

If you're looking to book a longer period—say, a month or more—you should search our office spaces. Instead of creating your own booking, you'll need to reach out to our dedicated office team when you've found a space you like. (We've got a handy form on the office space search pages for this exact purpose.) 

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Search Filters

Once you're on the search page, you can use our filters to narrow down your search.

Gif demonstrating what the filters look like on the search page. More information below.

At the top of the page are three optionswheretype, and when.

  • Where lets you filter by city—so if you're only looking for options in New York City, you can exclude all of our Boston spaces.

  • Type lets you filter by workspace or office space, ie by how long you want your booking to be.

  • When lets you filter by when you want your booking to happen. This filter will exclude spaces that are booked on the day (or during the time) that you select.

Right underneath, we have a second navigation bar that lets you filter by amenitiesattendees, and neighbourhood

  • The Amenities filter will help you find spaces that have the amenities you need for your booking. For example, you can use it to only view spaces that have an flatscreen TV, or spaces that have an ensuite kitchenette.

  • The Attendees filter (called Team Size on the office space search page) will help you find spaces that will fit the number of people that your booking will need to accommodate.
  • The Neighbourhood filter will help you restrict your search by neighbourhood.

On the workspace search page, there will also be the option to sort your results on the right-hand side of the page. You can sort your results by best match or by price

Gif illustrating the Show Map toggle.

Right next to that option, you can click show the map to view a map of the area you're searching.

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Using the Time Selector

Gif demonstrating how to open the time selector.

The time selector is the little box that pops up when you click on the When filter on the workspace search page. This will let you filter out spaces that aren't available during the times that you want to book.

If you want to create a booking that lasts at least one full day, you should use the Daily option. The time selector is set to this option by default, so you don't have to change anything—you can go ahead and select the day or days that you wish to book.

If you'd like to create a booking that lasts less than one full day (say, three hours in the afternoon), you'll need to click on the Hourly option. Once you select that option, you'll be able to set the desired start and end times of your booking, and filter out any spaces that are already booked during those times. 

Gif illustrating how to select consecutive days on the time selector. Instructions below.

If you want to book multiple days, you can select a block of time by clicking the start date and the end date on the time selector. (This only works on the Daily option.) The search will then only show spaces that are available for that whole time

Once you've selected the right dates or times, you can click Apply to apply the filter to your search.

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Viewing the Map

Gif illustrating how to zoom in and out on the map.

When you click on Show Map, you'll be able to see a map of the area that you're searching. 

You can use the controls on the right side of the map to zoom inzoom outsearch for spaces near you, or to return to the city view

If you have Search As You Move The Map selected, the search results will only show spaces located in the area that you're looking at. If you zoom in closer and are looking at a smaller area, you'll have fewer results than if you look at the whole city at once. 

The pins in the map represent Breather spaces around the city. If there's a number in the pin, it means that there are multiple Breather spaces at the same location. If you hover over a pin, it will highlight the space or spaces located at that location in your search results!

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Once you've found a space that you like, the next step is getting to know your space. If you were searching workspaces, click here. If you were searching office spaces, click here.

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