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Searching for a Space

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How to choose a space
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How to Choose a Space

With so many spaces to choose from in your city, browsing through them one by one can be daunting. To help you find exactly what you need, we've created filters. Search according to location, date, price, or even by amenity. 

Using Filters

Click on "Spaces" and explore what your city has to offer. 
In the search bar, you can enter a nearby address, zip code, or even a preferred neighbourhood. 

Pick a date, start time and a duration for your booking. Indicate how many attendees you are expecting. 

Need something more specific? 
Click on "More Filters" to reveal more price, amenities and even according to what you will be using the space for. 




Understanding the Map 

Each pin represents a Breather space in your selected city. As you choose filters, only the corresponding pins will appear on the map. This is another way to choose spaces close to you. 

Notice the numbered pins. This means there are several Breathers in a same building. Click on the numbered pin to view the separate spaces available at this address. 

Get to know your space here.


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