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Accessing Your Space

How do I get into my Breather?

To get into your Breather, you'll need your access codes. You'll always have a code for the space itself, and you may also have a code for the building, depending on which location you've chosen.

When you book a Breather, you have the option to choose whether you'd like to receive your access codes by email, by SMS, both, or neither. Depending on which option you've selected, you'll receive your access codes by email or by text up to 15 minutes before your reservation begins.

You can also view your access codes in your account using the Breather app (available for both iOS and Android) or by signing into your account on

Opening up the app will bring you to the Upcoming Reservations page. (You can return to this page by clicking the calendar icon in the bottom left-hand corner.) Here, you'll be able to see a list of your upcoming reservations. When your codes become available, they'll appear on this page.


You can click on the title of your booking to see more details about your reservation, such as how to get in to your space, the space's in-room guide, the in-room services available, and more about the space

When do the codes become available?

Building code:

Certain locations require that you enter a door code in order to access the building. This code will be available in your account 30 minutes before the beginning of your reservation.

Room code:

This code will be revealed in your account at the start time of your reservation. If there’s no booking directly before yours, and the room isn’t being cleaned, you may receive this code up to 15 minutes before the beginning of your reservation

Additionally, depending on which options you've selected during checkout, these two access codes will be sent to your email or phone when they're both available.

To get into your space, enter the room code provided onto the keypad and wait for the green light before turning the handle. 

Having trouble with your codes?

First, verify the address, suite and room number. We often have Breathers at the similar addresses, or even in the same building, so please make sure you're at the right one! 

Try entering the provided code a second time on the keypad lock. If that doesn’t work, give us a call, reach out over live chat, or email us at We'll get you in!

Do you have guests that need access?

Click here to find out more information.

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